Next we arrived in the small village of Katohi. The beach is only a short drive away, so naturally there have been many beach excursions. The ancient theatre (Oiniades) where we put on our production of “The Bacchae” is also pictured. There are also a few pictures from Teleko, a nearby small town.
Download an archive of these pictures: Katohi - (4.8 MB)
Greece 2006 - Katohi
Kate and Kat in the truck
Brian julia Catie in the truck
Beach trip
Brian and Catie - walking the plank
Kate and Catie running into the water
Burying Dennis in the sand
Dennis is buried
Beach trip waves
Beach trip 2
Blowing float in the truck
Second beach trip
Theatre Oiniades 1
Theatre Oiniades 2
Theatre Oiniades 3
More rocks at Theatre Oiniades
Theatre Oinaides 4
Byzantine chapel near Katohi
Sean Meggi Julia at school
Sunset at Teleko
Sean Meggi - Teleko cafe
Brian and Kat - Teleko cafe
Lena and Paniyota - Teleko cafe
Brian and Sean - Teleko cafe
Sunset at Teleko 2