Our first weekend “get-away” was to Delphi. We spent a large chunk of Saturday here, viewing the ruins and shopping in the town. Delphi was very impressive, and we enjoyed the many ruins, including the Temple of Athena, the Theatre, and the Stadium. The view was breathtaking as well. Many visitors to the Stadium partake in a friendly foot-race, as you can see below. Be sure to see the famous statue of the Delphi “Charioteer.”
Download an archive of these pictures: Delphi - 2006.zip (6 MB)
Greece 2006 - Delphi
On the way to delphi
Temple of Athena 1
Temple of Athena 2
Temple of Athena 3
Columns pieces - Temple of Athena
Group - Temple of Athena
Byzantine ruins near Temple of Apollo
View climbing to Temple of Apollo
Treasury near Apollo
View of Delphi
Part of column near Temple of Apollo
Temple of Apollo 2
View near Apollo 2
Climbing near Theatre
Climbing near Theatre 2
Kat in Delphi Theatre
Hilary in Delphi Theatre
Group in Delphi Theatre
Climbing toward stadium
Delphi Stadium
Kate, Brian and Sean racing in stadium
Kate, Brian, and Sean after race
Strange door in Delphi Stadium
Kat and Brian in Stadium
Overview of Delphi Theatre
Statue at Delphi
Delphi architecture
The “bellybutton” rock
Statue at Delphi 2
Charioteer of Delphi