An extended weekend trip (Friday morning through Sunday evening) took us to both Corinth and Nafplio. There is comparatively little to see in Corinth after viewing both Delphi and Olympia, but the museum here is very nice.
Nafplio, however, is a charming city that was the first capital of Greece. Tourists come here in droves, and for good reason. Nafplio can boast of beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, and a fantastic ancient fortress. Oh yeah, the ice cream shop is out of this world, too.
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Greece 2006 - Corinth, Nafplio
Fortress at Corinth
Temple of Zeus - Corinth 1
Temple of Zeus - Corinth 2
Temple of Zeus - Corinth 3
Corinth ruins 1
Kat and Brian - Corinth Dema
Statue at Corinth
Corinth ruins 2
Corinth ruins 3
Brian posing with Dionysus - Corinth
Beardless Dionysus - Corinth
Bearded Dionysus - Corinth
Roman Dionysus mozaic - Corinth
Figurine of reclining banqueteer
Seven against Thebes - Corinth
Zeus - Corinth
Taken from Skene of Theatre
Strange greek tree with kat - Corinth
Nafplio sunset 1
Nafplio sunset 2
Palamidi fortress at night - Nafplio
Catie and Laura - Fortress
Nafplio Fortress 1
Nafplio Fortress 2
Nafplio Fortress 3
Nafplio Fortress 4
Kat in Nafplio fortress 1
Kat in Nafplio fortress 2
Sean in Nafplio fortress
Brian in Nafplio fortress
Chapel inside Nafplio fortress
Kat entering prison - Nafplio fortress
Brian in Nafplio fortress 2
Nafplio fortress 5
Angela, Catie, and Laura - Nafplio fortress
Kat in Nafplio fortress 3
Sean and Meggi - Nafplio fortress
Nafplio fortress 6
Brian in Nafplio fortress 3
Kat crawling in Nafplio fortress
Jake and Kat in Nafplio fortress
View of beach from Nafplio fortress
Nafplio fortress 7
Mike, Dimitra and Panyiota - Nafplio