Our first destination city naturally was Athens, the capital of Greece. We spent three days here, eating, touring, and shopping.  Highlights include the Acropolis and the Theatre of Dionysus. There is so much to describe here that words can hardly suffice.
Download an archive of these pictures: Athens - 2006.zip (8.4 MB)
Greece 2006 - Athens
Acropolis during dinner
First dinner in Athens
Acropolis at night
Athens from the rocks
Roman tower of 4-winds
Noah conquering Athens
Roman agora
Athens from top of hill
Athens from top of hill 2
Athens from beneath Acropolis
Roman tower relief
Brian and Hilary
Church of the apostle
Church of the apostle
Temple of Hephaestus
Greek Agora
Greek Agora from Temple of Hephaestus
Entering the Acropolis
Parthenon columns
Temple of Athena Nike
View from Acropolis
Theatre of Dionysus
Orchestra - Theatre of Dionysus
Reliefs - Theatre of Dionysus
Kat - Theatre of Dionysus
Kat - Theatre of Dionysus 2
Orchestra Roman wall - Theatre of Dionysus
Brian in Theatre of Dionysus  - Theatron
Theatre of Dionysus  - Skene Sculpture
Theatre of Dionysus from Theatron
Athenian sunset
Athenian sunset 2
Ceiling of chapel on top of hill
Bell tower on top of hill
Athens from top of hill
Chapel on top of hill
Meggi on top of hill
Brian and Katrina  - top of hill
Acropolis - coming down the hill