Inscription to Athena

Genre: Percussion Ensemble (11)

Grade: 2

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Program Notes

Inspired by the composer's travels to Greece, "Inscription to Athena" evokes the spirit of ancient Athens. Imagine walking up the Acropolis and viewing ruins that have been in place for thousands of years. As impressive a scene as it is, what might it have been like thousands of years ago? Picture a lone Athenian man, burdened with the concerns of his day, finding solace by delicately carving an inscription into stone in praise and honor of the goddess (and the city) that he served. Could he fathom the thought that his handiwork would still be known to us today?

Scored for percussion ensemble, "Inscription to Athena" is a musical attempt to capture the ethos of such a scene. The work itself is rich in harmony and features a lyrical melody developed in the mallet instruments.

"Inscription to Athena" was commissioned in honor of the Valdosta Middle School Percussion Ensemble, directed by Travis Downs.

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