UT Tyler

UT Tyler logoI have another announcement, but this time, it’s not about a book deal:

In August 2009 I will join the faculty at The University of Texas at Tyler. My duties will include teaching Music Theory, Aural Skills, Composition lessons, and a rotation of upper-level courses including Counterpoint and Arranging.

Believe me, I’m excited to take this job. I visited the campus a couple weeks ago, and it’s lovely. The school itself is small, but growing (about 6,200 students).

On a personal note, I confess that I’m slightly saddened to leave Lawrence, KS. This is my favorite place that I have lived (so far), and I’ve had many great years here that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Still, it’s time to move on, and I look forward to a great life in Tyler, TX!

Originally posted on 14 March 2009

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