Updates at last...

Wow, I feel like I need to brush the dust off of this site. :-) Sorry for not posting in a while. This semester is busy beyond belief for me, but thankfully it is my last semester of classes!

Composition update: I finished the commission from the KU Helianthus I Ensemble. The resulting piece is titled “Div,” and is written for flute and piano (four-hands). I call for some wacky inside-the-piano stuff for the secondo player, so it should be interesting. The first performance will be at the end of March in St. Louis. There will also be at least one performance here in Lawrence in the near future. More information coming.

My composition for 10-piece chamber ensemble titled “Feridoun” will be premiered in Atlanta on April 1st, 2007. The piece was commissioned by Daniel Swilley (who is also conducting).

In the almost-immediate future I will write music for the beginning and end of a play Katrina is directing here, titled “Keely and Du.” I also have a commission from the KU Men’s Glee Club on which I am working.

My plans for the rest of my career at KU include: taking comprehensive exams this July, orals in the early fall, recital in the later fall, and then invest myself into a dissertation. Do I know what I’m going to do for a dissertation? Yes! Am I going to write about it now? Not yet! Once everything is finalized, I will post about it.

Thanks for reading!

Originally posted on 14 March 2007

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