Update from Greece.... plus pictures

Greetings from Katohi, Greece. I found a few minutes to spare in an internet café, so here is an update. I finished all the music for the production a couple weeks ago, and for the past month we’ve been in the midst of rehearsals for The Bacchae.

Tomorrow, we perform the show in the ancient theatre here (Oiniades). Our production is just over an hour in duration, and this includes about 25 minutes of music. I look forward to the show, and feel it will be a success.

Positives: I’m being spoiled here. Never before have I had the opportunity to finish a composition and start rehearsing it with the instrumentalists ten minutes later. This has been the case for a number of pieces. I’ve also enjoyed finishing a composition in the morning and starting choral rehearsals the same afternoon. I can certainly get used to that. Working with Meggi is great too, of course.

Negatives: Mosquitos. Lots of them! Flies too.

Apart from the musical aspects, we’ve done A LOT of sightseeing. As I write this, I’m attempting to upload a multitude of pictures that we’ve taken. Provided everything finishes in the allotted time that I have here, you can view these pictures here:


Quicktime is highly recommended for viewing the above site.

That’s about all the time I have for now. I’ll post again when I have a chance.

Originally posted on 20 July 2006

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