Preparing for Persepolis....

In less than two weeks, my first symphony will have its world premiere. I’ve been corresponding with the director at VSU, and my excitement builds more and more every day.

Working with Dr. Brashier has been a delight. He agreed to the premiere wholeheartedly before he had seen or heard a note of the piece. Wow! During the rehearsal process he found a few “bugs” and made a few suggestions, all of which I have duly noted. Due to these corrections, this means that the PDF I submitted to KU for my thesis is obsolete already!

Update: The Valdosta State University web site now has some information (and a picture!) about the concert on their web site.

In other news, I’ve started work on a quartet for Meggi Sweeney’s senior dance project at KU. This “project” will have several performances at the end of November/early December. I’ve been racking my brain trying to get a really good idea for it. One of these days.. it will happen.

Originally posted on 19 September 2006

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