Oral exams: drum roll, please....

Today I sat in a conference room for two hours with four KU faculty members. They each had an opportunity to question me about my classes, my composition (Symphony No. 1 – “Persepolis”), and the year 1803 (it’s a long story, contact me if you want the details).

The result?

I passed… with honors! It’s very much a relief to be done with these exams. Now I can get back to work on composition, as I’m supposedly a Master at it. :-)

My committee members had some good things to say about “Persepolis.” The eagle-eyes of Kip Haaheim found a few inconsistencies of musical instruction, and James Barnes found one wrong note (to which I responded, “But Jim, look at how many notes I got right!”). All-in-all, it was a rather pleasant experience, and not painful at all. In some ways I feel like I overstudied, but that added knowledge, will come in handy someday, right?

Originally posted on 09 March 2006

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