Off to Greece....

Tomorrow morning Kat and I take off for Greece. It will be a looong series of flights, but a couple of days from this posting, I should be in Athens. We’ll stay there for a few days, and then it’s off to Katohi, which will be the main location of our stay.

There I will write the rest of the music for The Bacchae of Euripides, which will be rehearsed and performed in the Theatre of Oiniades. When we return to the States, we will put on the production at KU three more times (August 18-20).

Of course, a trip like this is not all about business. There is much sightseeing involved, and lots of time to mingle with the locals. A few of the locals will actually join us and become part of our production while we are in Katohi.

I’m not sure if I will have internet available while I am there. If not, this will be my last post until August. If I do have internet, of course I will post updates (and pictures!).

In other news, Kat and I just returned from Everett Griffiths and Melanie Hadley’s wedding in Colorado. We had fun hanging out with their families, enjoying the scenery, and even going on a hike or two! After a long 15-hour drive back home, we had one short day (today) to spend packing, running errands, paying bills, and fixing a composition professor’s misbehaving printer. All in a day’s work…

Thanks for reading. (Hopefully) see you before August.

Originally posted on 19 June 2006

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