Keely and Du - April 4th - 12th

If you are in the Lawrence area, I recommend coming to see the play “Keely and Du.” It’s a controversial play that explores the gray areas of… well, you’ll just have to come find out for yourself. :-)

Nota bene: the play is not recommended for people under 16.

When: April 4 – 12 (except Easter Sunday); 7:30 PM (5:00 PM on April 7)

Where: KU, Murphy Hall, Inge Theatre

Why: Because you love good theatre. Also, my wife is directing the play, so I’m slightly biased. Oh, I wrote some original music for the beginning and the ending, for what that’s worth. :-)

I just saw the play tonight (opening night), and there are some very powerful scenes. Recommended.

There’s a “talkback” after the play this coming Tuesday night, so if you have any questions for the director, designers (myself included), or the actors, that’s the night to attend.

Originally posted on 04 April 2007

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